Wednesday, May 19, 2010

wut a sweet dream last night....

waaahhhh..... she came into my dream, again... since she is here in my life, i feel greater i feel stronger.. why morning come too fast?? im not satisfied yet laa... in my dream, looks like we were related to each other. she came came to my house as my relative with her parents n her siblings... her mother was so nice to me.. we talked a lot.. her sibling, a girl, she was very kind to me, we shared things together... but she remain silent, she never talked to me in my dreams.. we were just playing eyes.. me looked at u n u looked at me...hehe....even doe the dream was a short dream, im happy...tq babeh... pls come again ths night and the other coming night.. i wll be waiting 4 u at gate number 3...hehhe

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