Thursday, June 23, 2011

Aling,your pictures made my day..hehe :P


Tq to u sweetie, your pictures are reallyx100 sweet.
Especially your sweet smile with the big teeth..haha you reminds me of rabbits la.. :)
Just now you played badminton without me ey? do you have the strength to hold the racket? you are so feminine and so soft .. can you smash the shuttle? haha :P
Next sem, me and you 1 vs 1 at shah alam. The winner will get one glass of teh ice that made from 40% love, 30% loyal, 20% sincere and 10% trust. and also additional ingredient
of 100% caring.. :) hehe

anyway, we are human beings, so our emotion are not stable. Sometime I can be very good, sometime I can be like a devil, but most of the time I am the angle.hehe :P
straight away jump to the conclusion, my point is.. every time i see your pictures, I will be happy.
Even how sad I am, even how exhausted I am and even how miserable I am, I will be happy.:)
thank you for your pictured aling. So every week it is a compulsary to mms me you pictures au aling..:P By

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cause I'm home, I eat a lot..:)


I'm not fat and I am really proud of it. :P
It was really hard to get back the shaped i used to have. With all the exercises, dumbbell and so on..haha
Now I'm in one month holiday lol, so most of the time I do not know what to do. Really boring at home and KL, feel like I want to stay in the jungle for a few days...
huhu BUT
Lucky, I have her. She is the best, the sweetest, the kindness and all THE The the.. :P
Everyday I will text her, morning, afternoon, evening and night. I want to text her every moment but i can't. I would if I could.. I hope you like all my tricks ey girl.. I am not playing around, I am serious into you.. look how serious I am now :P

and my bro also in holiday, thanks to the govt lol..huhu
so eveyday we skip breakfast together, then go to our grandma's house at sri petaling.
This is our daily routine. :)


Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm alive again. tq to you princess :)


My dear sweetheart,
please surrender your ears, close your eyes and silence your mouth.
Listen to my words and observe my acts.
You are like the rainbow in the sky, you colours my life and thanks to you I have a wonderful life. :D
You are really good in entertaining me, making me laugh even though you are doing nothing..hehe
Every time I see rainbow, I see you. Even when I am eating char kuey teow or drink teh ais also I see you laa..hehe But i like you more than rainbow au :D
I cannot imagine my life without you, it is like a dark road waiting for me and I cannot see the ends..huhu :( I need you to light up my day, I need you to bright up my night. you la princess!!

Sometime things will never be as we expected and that is life. Life goes up and life goes down like roller coaster. I might be at the top now but in the future who knows? Some old people said that, if you cannot accept me when I am at my worse time, you don't deserve me when I am at my best time..I am agree with the statement..huhu
So babeh, learn to accept people just the way they are alrite.. huhu :)

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I need a rest babey!!


HUhu.. It's still hunting me, it's still do not want to let me go.. I'm tired and bored with the things I am doing right now..huhu I want to be free, and feel free like a real freedom. :(
I need a long holiday to restore back my strength and intelligent. Even when I am sleeping my brain still functioning.

So, how can I cope with this stupidity? ermm let me think. I guess i should just try my best to love the things that I am doing right now even it will cost me. Or I should just quit. HMMMM
Maybe by doing things i love the most can make me happy for awhile?? hahah.. but what is the thing i love the most?? jeng jeng...:D
anyway reader, above statement is just a trick to make sure you guys focus reading on my post.haha.. my main objective is to show you my current hairstyle.. :)

I got a new nickname actually, Kim ai cab.. haha.. Girls nowadays, like boys with korean hairstyle..ishhh :(

Soft spoken, sweet talker but ain't a player


Good evening reader. It's been a long time i do not upload new post. I was busy with something and still busy actually. But today suddenly i feel i want to post something, so here it is.

Soft spoken, sweet talker but not a player. These are few elements inside me which i really proud off. These are my skills to win women heart. haha :) but there are also other factors that need to be considered which depends on their situation. Some women like bad boys, like guys with Korean faces, macho faces and so on. But I strongly believe women will fall in love with you if you treat her how she should be treated. In other words respect her.

For those who are still single and thinking to get a new soul partner, listen to me.. :D..haha
I am holding the key that can unlock every women heart and I am about to share it with all of you but not in this post and not today okay.. :D.hehe
It is basically a secret that guys still haven't notice yet and you guys will never get your dream girls if you do not improve this matter. What is the matter? figure it yourself lol.
Anyhow, your first lesson is try to change your style of talking. This can be learn by watching romance movies. Then try practise is by talking to your bestie. Your bestie surely will help you with this, if not what for he/she become your bestfriend. huh!!
This will take some times but imagine the results of your practise..haha..