Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Continuous of am i rude 2...

hehe... im writing again.. it is now 1.09am... to whom that i got mad, im really sorry... this i dedicate to mymiss statistic n mybunge sorry.. people mke mistakes..n i did tht mistakes but i promise all of u, im not going to repeat d same mistakes again.. im trying to act cool but actully im not.. to be frank, i was in stress lately n it is totally my mistakes coz i cannot cope wth it.. but belief me gals, i did tried my best to manage my stress but i failed to do so.. haha wut a surprised.. i tried to see wth my eyes but im blinded... i got no way to run n i wll face d music with no fear in me.. i cant restart things tht i done.. if i can, i wll.... really sorry from the underneath of my heart..

People change from tyme to tyme n i keep changing too... wut i need is a chance, a chance to prove tht im not the old asraf arshad like u guys knew me before.. im changed.. but all of u still treat me like u guys used to treated me b4... it was so damn annoying lol.. tht is my 1st point...

2nd, last sem was d buzziest sem ever..ths sem i met lots of new friends.. from oat, silat cekak n accounting club..seriosly i gain new experiences frm d club tht i joined.. the clubs were not an onerous to me coz me myself with free consents love to join the activities.. i knew it since d first place that i wll not have tyme to study, so i have started my studied earlier.. i studied harder compared to the previous2 sem.. but i was so damn frustated wth my finance final paper.. hell yeah, i cannot remember even a single formula.. i do not know wut happen to me tht tyme.. mybe coz of the sins tht i done..wuuwuw... may Allah forgv me..

3rd, ths is bout heart n feelings, im a soft spoker, sweet talker but not a player... im the type of person tht is serious in love.. im searching for a serious relationship... but u know wut, my heart is fragile, heart of angles...hard to fall in love but once i love someone, i really do.. i do found someone, but i stll need tyme to gather all my strength to say how much i adore u my dear... i jst wnt u to know i really appreciate u. i would rather exchange everthing tht i got just to be wth u babeh.. sometime i think u are so valuable for me tht is why im afraid to tell u i lub lub u... im not mentally prepared to be rejected right now.hahah.. mybe u deserve a better man..

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