Tuesday, August 17, 2010



The only thing that i want to say to myself is, YEAHHH i did it again.. This is the 2nd time i handled a program. The program was called MAHASISWA SEORANG USAHAWAN. Firstly let me thanks my team members. Im proud to have my second family which is OAT and i really appreciate them. They really support me and alway be my shoulder whenever i need them. Thanks to all oatioan.

The program was held on 3 august 2010 and the vanue was at Unisel main hall. It started at 8.30am and finished at 6.30pm. I planned the flow of the program a month before the program start. I really excited eventhough im exchausted. It was very fun actully. By the time im typing this essay, im still bussy with events. Lots of even waiting for me in the up coming future.

Yeah, i loves challenges. it teaches me method on how to searh for other options. It will always be another alternatives and insyallah i will never meet the dead ends. Anyway, the objective of the program is to tell the students to think creative, to show them business oppertunity in malaysia and to develop student's hidden potential in business. The tittle Mahasiswa Seorang Usahawan, i define as students whom can make money. There are few person disagreed with my opinion, they said that student should study not to searh for money.
But, if you look around you, and if you find any milionnair, try ask them how they be millionnaire? and when they started? Surely most of them will say that,
since school or since univesity time.

About the program again, eventhough there were problems arise in the middle of the program, in term of FOOD, overall me myself satisfied with the talks...tq also to YB Yakuub Bin Sapari and SUK SELANGOR.