Wednesday, May 19, 2010

he is my

im trying to be better thn him..i did my best jst to prove tht me n u are not so different.. but the more i try the bigger the barrier wll be..
im now so confius, which steps should i use, which path should i take.. pls Allah, show me how.... i really dont know what to do, how to do, how to cope wth it.. or maybe im not matured enough, or maybe im lack of experiences or maybe im not good enough..but i did tried everything jst to make u proud of having me... and If u read ths statement, i would be gratefull if you say u love me too...i might not good in face to face conversation expressing my felling towards u..i dont have guts yet.. u changed me, from my head to toe.. n i know without u by my side i wll be a totally different person.. tq my man..

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