Saturday, May 22, 2010

my daily rutin.......

everyday i woke up wth a smile... Usually before i went to take a shower i wll go in front of the mirror to see my own face.. what i can see is my own macho reflection..hehe.. i love to drink milk. 3 glasses of milk everyday.. milk keep me strong. now im stronger.. healthy as a horse... i eat a lot, im trying to control my desire but i cant... easy to say but hard to apply.. i tried everything.. because of my failure in doing so, now my stomach is getting bigger... perhhh i dun like that.. i want to maintain slim until i hv grandchildren someday..hahahha... BUt but but, now i cannot drink milk so often even doe i really love it.. it gives me stomach aid thn later diarrhoea wll attack me... i hate it so much whn i need to sit on the toilet bowl for a long tyme doing business tht only earn losses in term of tyme....ishhhh..hehe... neway ths is because my body cannot absorb milk anymore..wuwuuw... looks like im gonna change my favourite drink..

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