Friday, May 21, 2010

nyum nyum kuew toew subang!!!

hey there... i jst came bck from subang... my fmly n i went ther jst to eat kuey teow.. its so delicious.. ho ho liau.....hahah.. i recommend u guys to taste the superb extra supreme delicious kuey plate full of kuey teow..a lot taw!!. i gurantee u wll satisfied beb.. the kuey teow is so soft, whn it went into my mouth it feels like the kuey teow is singing 'eat me, im delicious i love u asraf',... tripple cockle inside the plate, extra fish ball... hehehe.. seriously really good.. but i hv forgotten the address of the stall..somewhere in subang la. later i wll upload it in ths blog... eat kuey teow remeber me!!! kuey teow is my favorite damn it...

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