Sunday, June 13, 2010


it is 11.23pm... i cannot sleep. Weird coz today i haven't sleep yet n lots of activities i hv done to ensure i can sleep well tonight.. im not tired.. I dont know where i got this strength to maintain

unsleeping... Hermm..Well thanks to HIM coz giving me ths strength to upload my new story bout how amazing my life are..hehhe ... i want to work but the holiday is almost finish... herm.... boring der..

Saturday, June 12, 2010


he is gone.... he was a great person to me n my family..he was very sporting..he was a lovely grandpa... He was a man tht always stood beside me when i was in trouble.. Every problems we went through together. At 3am 6.6.2010, my mom woke me up, she said, Asraf, atuk jatuh n x sedarkan diri.. Perh in rush i changed my clothes n went to Sri Petaling faster thn lightning.. In my mind tht tyme, notthing bad wll happen to my grandpa coz ths matter is normal to me n he was very healthy... He did not showed tht he wll gone forever... When i arrived at SP, i saw anbulance waiting to bring him to hospital... when i came into the house to see him, i saw him uncouncious. thn tht paramedic said, he is gone.... All of us cried heavily.. i dont want to believe the new tht i jst heard... he was in a good condition 2 days ago... he did not showed any weird signs.. Few days before tht, i was sicked, he and my grandma tht took care of me wth full of love... i can feel how he cared bout me... he got no illness, he was on his way to toilet n suddenly he fainted.. he knocked his head at the wall.... to know the rest of the story, better ask face to face to avoid misunderstanding...surely ths coming ramadhan wll not be the same...Ths raya wll be totally different.. now i dont have grandpa, those who stll have granpa, pls love him, pls take care of him... may he always be in peace...may Allah be wth him... Al-fatihah...