Friday, October 29, 2010

Im avoiding these women!!!

Assalamualaikum!! yo wassup babeh?
Im evil tonight..
Tonight topic is as above mention. All about The biatch..
Boys outside there, just want to do some sharing with all of you about women that you guys should avoid. These types of women so annoyed me. Hoping that these biatch will never find happiness in their life. Curse you all.

Bitchy, this type of women think they are DIVA!! They think they are so hot, so perfect and think they can demand for this and that. Look from her appearance, they look so perfect with no weaknesses. They only use men as a slave. Only call you guys when they are in trouble.

Desperate, You are categorized to be in this group if first time you met your boyfriend and you said to yourself you want to marry him. And also want your boyfriend to say "love U" all the time because you afraid to loose your boyfriend. Please understand the nature of a men, Commitment will come after long time relationship. The men want to know everything about the girl first then after a period of time, when they are ready, they will give the commitment.
Do not talk about marriage often, it scares men.
What for you want your man to say love u all the time??to feel secure?
omg lame excuses, you should trust your man. Do you women know that the men will feel appreciated if you trust them.
For what you need so much attention from your boyfriend? Please do not expect 120% commitment from your boyfriend ok. He have his own life, his own parents, brothers and sisters, works, friends and so on so force. Even after married also you cannot demand that much of commitment.

Teaser- This type of women i hate the most. This biatch loves to flirt around and go out with men. In my eyes they are so cheap. I already wrote about this women in my blog which the tittle of the story was Beware of snake women. Extremely dangerous and please do not come near them. They have the aura to make you fall in love to her by using her nice body and nice behavior. They really expert in this field.

Elusive- OWH because you have been hurt by a man before so now you are so defensive?
You are to beware of everything and always take thing so seriously. Im bored with this type of girl, because of her past experience she treat the innocent men the way how it is not suppose to be. Everything about past is done okay, so stop be so defensive. Please do not try to compare us with your previous boyfriends. We are so different in every way!!! If you do so, just wait to be dump.

Controlling- Queen control. Always want to know where are we, what are we doing, who is our friends, who we chat with, etc etc... Plan for us, cannot do this and that, no give and take concept, only you want to win... Babeh, sometime is okay to control us, but all the time make will make us sick!! believe me, 3 months doing this,the next month your boy will surely have his new girlfriend.

Materialistic, Only want to be your girlfriends if you are rich enough. Most women have this type of attitude. When your money i gone she also gone. In handling this type of women, always ask something in return because if she leave you, at least you will not hurt to much.

Guys outside there, we should teach some lesson to these biatch.. hahah. Im not happy when they use their assets to play with the men's heart.
If they bite you, bite them harder..leave scars.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Life is to short..

Salam... 인사말.....
Life is to short to do everything we want to do.
ERm, I hope i can live longer so that i can complete my plans, i hope i can slow the time so that i can appreciate thing better, i hope i can restart time so that i can correct what i done wrong, I hope i am the superman. HUHU
Plans, I have already planned for my tomorrow, day after tomorrow and day after that. To make it simple, I am a man with plans. There was one time, i did tried to not to plan my day and I end up sleeping the whole day.. That day I slept 3 times just in the afternoon.
So i learned from my lessons. I plans everything in order to avoid boredom..
All of us want to be a successful person in their life and hereafter. But how to be one?
It needs knowledge, experience, and good networking. You cannot be a successful person without any of the criteria. It must be the combination of these 3 requirements. To make it more meaningful, do not forget Islamic reference if you are muslims..
Aim for here and hereafter. We all know it is not that simple to be somebody that everyone recognize and love, but just strive for the best. I hate to use this word, if you try your best, At least there is something than nothing!!
Not everyone can get what they want the most in their life. Only if they focus and be serious they will achieve it.
I got lots of thing to do in my life, i want to go visit Paris, open my own restaurant, open my own firm, i want to do this and that, so on so force!!! I am afraid of the time, it would not stop even for a second. I want a power to freeze the time!! KAMEHAMEHA...
So, what i need to do is, just focus on what can satisfied me the most.
please Allah let me live for a long time. And also please make my long life meaningful and worthwhile..AMIN

TIRED la little sister!! 28.10.10

Assalamualikum and good evening readers. How do you do guys? Hope everything fine yeah!!
I am so tired today, i went out with my sister and few of my friends today. I am so so exhausted prior to the activities that i did. It was fun actually

I woke up at and straight away go watched tv, what was the story again??
OOh yeah CSI.. Then I went to my brother bed, took a nap. At 10.30am I went showered.
The movie start at, I arrived at 12.oopm. I mean me and my little sister.
Owh yeah I forgot to tell you guys where have we been, We went to the nearest shopping mall at my house, Alamanda.
Our noon meal was at McD. My friends, Azie,Nani and Azie, came at 1.00pm. There were 2 azie. They are not the same person, only similar in name.haha...
I fallen asleep when we were watching The Rise Of The Mummies, please guys, dont watch that movie, the story is very slow. We went window shopping also. Nothing much to do because nothing interesting in Alamanda.
The interesting part is when it came to the evening. We went to taman botani putrajaya.
Long time i did not do anykind of sport, so today I cycled all around taman botani. It was a hot day and im wearing semi formal clothes. Not suitable to do sport but what to do, I want to entertain my little sister. hahah.... She is lucky having me as her brother ahh..
Thus, I hope my holiday is longer!!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Last SEM in BJ... Not sure im gonna miss that place or not..haha

Salam and good evening reader. I love you guys..

Im now sitting alone in my brother room somewhere in Kajang, looking at my laptop and got nothing to do. so I have decided to post a new story.

Im actually confuse with my feeling, i dont know if im happy with the relocation of my faculty or not. Maybe Im happy and maybe Im not. Anyway guys, next sem we will be moving to Shah Alam Campus. Owh yeah, I have completed my Silat Cekak, and i feel very happy with that.
BECC- Business English Club Communication. Again i been appointed to be the program director. The tittle of the event was, English Make IT Right. 23sept2010, LT FITM
It was a program which gives the opportunity and exposures to the students of UNISEL in building up their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills with individuals and organizations in order to prepare the students for the working environment. The program will encourage the student to be more confident and teach them the art of English communication skills.
There were also surprised birthday party to my friends Azizul Hakimi and Sakinah. Happy Belated Birthday guys!!!

Faces of the year!!!

YA ALLAH, this is totally not islamic!!!

Salam reader. IF this is islam from their veiw, im really disappointed!!!

Ya Allah is the first word that came out from my mouth when i saw these pictures. A clear statement from me, this is totally wrong from the view of Islam. Totally not Islamic, so incorrect.
What will happen to our beloved MALAYSIA in the future???
The most important is what will happen to our ISLAM??
Dear reader, this is not a political blog and stuff like that. What is wrong is always wrong please dont manipulate islam...Im not a bias person, if that thing is totally incorrect, WE as a MUSLIM should rise together correct what is incorrect.
Me myself is not so good in islam, but i know my own limit, i know what is right and wrong from left to right. Seriously im really pissed off after looking at these pictures. Anyway, there are still lots of pictures, these are just part of it!!

From the picture above, Every muslim from every parties in Malaysia must play your part to save ISLAM. Our responsibility as HIS slave.
also a form of insulting to the Prophet, and dont you guys feel angry as are muslim??

MONTE CARLO 10 Ogos, Islamic Fashion Festival or known as IFF. The objectives of the fashion festival are:
to unite the country's culture and fashion by stimulating an understanding and respect between people of different religions and beliefs.
2) to promote Islamic dress and get feedback from all backgrounds and religions as well as enhancing the fashion industry to a higher level.
to promote Muslim clothing and alter the perception of the Islamic world, in addition to strengthening ties between the countries.

The question is,what is your contribution in saving ISLAM??
Are we satisfied seeing the enemies of Islam destroying the dignity of Islam and we do nothing?
This is a result of choosing those leaders who are illiterate in religion, Even minah-minah rempit knows the rules of the Islamic dress code..

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dont assume we are the same!!

Salam and Groet, both of the language deliver same meaning which is peace to you.. but in different pronouncement. No matter how same we are, there will always be some differences..
It can be different in term of culture, mentality and so on so force. It depends on your enviroment, how your parents thought you, how your friends influence you, your knowledge, your experience and etc etc..
We are now living in a modern world where everybody want everything in the easiest way. For example, if we are doing business of cause the customer want the services that make them feel pleased. Not burden. They want everything can be done in short time and they received a quality stuff without need to fill lots of form. This is the Principe to build goodwill the customers. The motif is to remain relationship.

Read carefully my dear reader, Language that is acceptable within one group maybe unacceptable if used by someone outside the group... If you want to make friends, just follow the flow, and give and take please... IT is you always want to win..NOt fair situation here..

Define "sedekah" for me, Sedekah is where you give help in term of money or clothes or food to poor people who are affordable.
Define "hadiah", Hadiah is a gift to everyone without looking at their status.

Nobody ever gave Sedekah to our beloved prophet because Allah promise to protect and take care the status of HIS prophet.
Have you guys ever heard normal citizen give Sedekah to Dato and Tan Sri?
This is because the tittle of Dato and Tan sri avoid them to do so. They have face to maintain.
What i dont understand there are some people thing they are the same.. He said Dato, pleasa come to my house tonight i cook tonight. I want to do some sedekah.
OWh heloooo, He is a Dato n you used the word Sedekah to him??? and you expect him to come to your house that night??? ohh please stop dreaming lah..
If you used belanja or ada hadiah sikit or stuff like that sure the Dato will give you a visit that night..
You treat the Dato as the same as you treat ordinary people?? owh my god!!!
Everybody treat Him in a special way but you did not care about the Dato's feeling.
His status and your status is not the same alrite, next time please treat them differently.

Why this thing happened? because you never had a rich friends people, their mentality is different from you. They deserve to get a better treat because of their status.. so please open your eyes and make lots of friends and also change your attitude!!! If your attitude are still the same i grantee people will not like you due to your egos that assume everybody just like you!!!

Beware of the power implication of the words you used!!
thank you for your cooperation is generous coming from a superior to a subordinate, it is not appropriate message to your superior....
do you get the connection with the Dato story above??

Saturday, October 9, 2010

mood of

Salam guys, anyway im now very busy with my final paper. There actually very lots of new news bout myself i would like to update. But my dear reader, time constrain preclude of any further information bout yours Asraf Arshad...haha
Broadly speaking i really love writing compare to accounting, i want to write bout everything i see, what i smell, what i taste, what i touch, what i like and dislike and so on so force.
My dearie baby, few topics i accidently missed prior to my bussyness, there are my granpa's funeral, Kembara Sahur Event with VIP, names i will mention later, Terawih with Dato Noh Omar , My 3rd event as the project manager with is English Make It Right with BECC club, My Silat Cekak club and etc....hahaha i cannot wait..
Neway today topic is mood of
A gentleman like my define love as comittment.YEAH love is all about commitment. What i mean is true love alrite, not fake love like when your first love.... Beautiful girls are around me but yet i dont feel any love to them, only care as a friend. Im hardly to fall in love with someone and i dont know why.. maybe the time is not right or i havent found someone special.. Just let time decide for me my not a gay u damn people!! i love women so much...just wait and see.
True sometime i feel very lonely and jealous when my friends go out for a date with his girlfriend meanwhile i silent in the house. What to do, im single.. Plus listening to justin bieber's song make me more down.. I need somebody to love is the tittle of that song.. that song really touch my feeling...
Oeh yeah about commitment erm, Im not ready to give any commitment to any girls.. Until i found the ONE.. mybe another 2-3 years.. ahh i want to study, final is just around the corner!!