Thursday, May 20, 2010

BFFs... We rock each other!!!

she is my syg... i met her at my ex-college.. she is so nice n so humble. there was one tyme i thought tht she was not malaysian because of her weird ascent.hehe. but she is malaysian... She always support me in whtever im doing. she is staying in setiawangsa currently.hahaaha.. we used to have lunch together at sri petaling b4..she do not talk much n tht is why i owez do the talking...hehe... reminds me on my first day at apiit, we were in the same team. it was so fun running around apiit with you in order to gather some sort of information...haha.. We were in the same class for 3 sem... tht is why we are very closed to each other.. plus her bf amir, is a very funny guy.. always mke jokes..

hehe.kuantan gal...she is very weird. sometimes suddenly she scream n bad mood... perh at first she is difficult to handle.. i used to bullied her.. u know wut, when she says NO, it means really NO!!!! i cannot bargain anything with her, if i do business with her surely im going to make losses not profit... she used to gv me kit-kat n i donno why but i really appreciate her kindness.. owh yeah all of us call her makcik-makcik because her attitude like mkck2 most of the tyme..hehe... she alwys on diet, why cant u see your reflaction that actually u r very skinny.. gain some weight gals..hehe

wahhh... she makes me crazy.. we are like cat n dog.. cannot see each other, if do surely we going to have some arguments.. How should i start ermm, she is easy going gal, simple n happy go lucky but sometyme ...............heheheh... u know wut, at first she broke up wth her ex n im the one tht build up her spirit bck.. few months passes, i broke up wth my gf n tht tyme we did lots of sharing together... she is staying in Salak Tinngi, so far from my house... there was one tyme i went to her house n her mom cooked tomyam... delicious babeh, i can still feel it in my mouth the chicken jumping up n down..wawawa...dunno how she gain weight in sudden.. wut is ur secret der???hehe...

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