Sunday, November 7, 2010


Hello and good evening.

My father told me, to be a leader you should know how to communicate with other people. If you cannot communicate well, do not be a leader. Im agreed with him in this matter.
A leader should have a good communication skills in order to monitor, manage, and etc etc.
Past 20 years, the world was totally different compared with nowadays workforce. Today person who talks loud will have higher percentage to be the number one in an organization.
Im still lack of communication skill, i cannot deliver message effectively to my group members. But I always do my best for my teammates.
People always put high expectation on me, I really appreciate because you guys really trust my abilities but please forgive me if I ever let you guys down.
Do you guys know how it feels like when everyone putting their hope on your shoulder??
The excitement will then turn into burden a.k.a stress..

Stress is individual. A situation that one person find it stressful might not bother someone else.
Slowly i develop myself and learn how to cope with stress. But it still not enough because my progression is still slow. I wish I can learn more new things.
I wish i have more friends.

I tend to pretend nothing happen in my environment just to observe their behavior and their next action. By doing this i believe i can improve my level of maturity.

It is not easy to be a leader especially a good one. Good luck guys.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Me and my sports...


Badminton, Sri Petaling community center.Thanks to my beloved friends because of the invitation.

How are you guys babey?
I realized I never tell you guys about my hobbies which are my sports that i used to played before. I was a very active person during my school time but i never showed it to the teachers and friends. At school i only joined Scout, once a scout always a scout. The best part was, nobody know how active i was after school. I went there and here, i joined this and that, i tried everything and it was fun.
Owh exception, I never try hockey because for me it is a very dangerous sport.
Basketball, Court behind my ex-school, Still have the skills babeh!!!

Archery, Aiming for my beautiful princess' heart and I hope the love's arrow of mine will stabbed straight to her heart. And the arrow remain in her heart forever. I mean FOREVER.

Golfy, that night the ball that i hit only can flew to 200mtrs!!huhu...

Sports that i like the most is sport where we use hands to play. Because I believe my hands is stronger and skilfully compare to my legs..HUHU
It was a period of time i never do sports, This happen because i was very busy with my university's life..HHUHU.Anyhow, i fully utilized my holiday..:)

It was hard for me to play all these sports again because i had lost all my skills and my strength.
I easily get tired, but thank God there is still skills in me. I believe I can do better if I practise always..hehe

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My small heaven...

Salam, hey you guys...

Im staying in Kajang, Puncak Utama.
My house is in the middle between Jade Hills and country's height houses..
There main entrance is still under construction. Still waiting for the jade hills houses finished first then they will finish up building the main road to my house. For this time being we are using the dusty road that are now using by the lorries and so many holes in the road etc etc. But it is okay for me because this matter going to end soon. SOON but I dont know when..huhu

my bed, only a few pillows. Where i always have the sweet dreams.. thanks beddy!!

My study's desk. all the laptop, book n etc etc..huhu

Where i do my prayer, i can play guitar but only few songs...lazy to practice my guitar's skills..haha. Few hats up there.

Beloved wardrobe, let us see closer. treasurer of mine.

HEhe, my small heaven, it is actually about my room and everthing inside it. I like my small heaven. My room colour is yellow and i decorated it by myself. Of course not me painted it.My father paid indonesian guy to did that painting .hehe... doesnt matter acctually, just want to show you guys my room.. tq for your time eahh..