Wednesday, May 19, 2010

am i rude??

ths was d text messages tht i send to my friend.. im really sorry bout being so irrational babeh.... morning, i dunno whr shud i begin. i belief thr are misunderstanding between me n u.. firstly, jst wanna say tht im really sorry if i done wrongs towards u.. 2nd, bout d movies, i did not forced u to accept my offer.. it is okay if u dun want 2.. it was jst an invitation but at least jst say yes or no... 3rd, dun tke life seriously, i think ths is whr d misunderstanding started.. girls owez wrongly interpreted d meaning of making friend n misunderstood my messages.. im not into u babeh..i jst wanna be ur friend coz u got ur own style, n coz ur characterictis r unique.. plus d lecturers talked good thngs bout u owez.. tht attract me to mke friend wth u..thts all.. im not good playing wth words tht is why i talked wth my action.. n my action creates ths misunderstanding..sory 4 that.. jst trying to be a nice friend n not more thn cool..sory again.............................

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