Wednesday, May 19, 2010

hey men, dunt trust women easily!!!!

hhahah... im writing from my observation n frm my experiences babeh... for a nice men that looking for a serious relationship, beware of a SNAKE WOMEN... Wut is snake women?? it can be define as a women who is a bitch, eat shit, love to lies,no values, not a ---gin, where she is really good in manipulating words in asking men's sympathy in order to be wth tht guy..... if u guys are bad guys, so u guys deserve ths kinnda shit women.. when they bite, u cannot diferentiate good and bad..
.. if u are nice guy, please think milions times before u accept her as you future wife... Guys, it is not your responsibility to be responsible of things that u did not do to that snake women.. tht is not ur job to recycle her, just throw them into the dustbin..once she dont have value, she is useless.. howaver, u r very kind if u can accept tht kind of women... Wht mke men went insane is because women dont tell the truth bout her condition from the first place... yet they still demanding and arrogant even doe their value is at shit level... Plus, some of them forced nice guy to accept her.. owh dont be silly guys, jst let them die... fight fire wth fire... please la, gv tyme for the guys to think.. it is not tht easy to accept a women like that..
The snake women alwys use excuses as i want to change to a better women, u r the one can help me out... Wut a bullshit lame excuses...hahah. dun fall in ths trick when they cry at ur shoulder while hugging u tightly... that is jst a trick.... guys, if let say u wnt to reject her, pls reject her by using a polite way... Even she is a snake, she got feelings too...


  1. same goes to the guys out there..
    such a sweet talker,using their own gf/friends fer their own benefits!!...
    wuds wrong wif the world ryte now?

  2. hahah... tht is wut we call the end of the world..