Wednesday, October 27, 2010

YA ALLAH, this is totally not islamic!!!

Salam reader. IF this is islam from their veiw, im really disappointed!!!

Ya Allah is the first word that came out from my mouth when i saw these pictures. A clear statement from me, this is totally wrong from the view of Islam. Totally not Islamic, so incorrect.
What will happen to our beloved MALAYSIA in the future???
The most important is what will happen to our ISLAM??
Dear reader, this is not a political blog and stuff like that. What is wrong is always wrong please dont manipulate islam...Im not a bias person, if that thing is totally incorrect, WE as a MUSLIM should rise together correct what is incorrect.
Me myself is not so good in islam, but i know my own limit, i know what is right and wrong from left to right. Seriously im really pissed off after looking at these pictures. Anyway, there are still lots of pictures, these are just part of it!!

From the picture above, Every muslim from every parties in Malaysia must play your part to save ISLAM. Our responsibility as HIS slave.
also a form of insulting to the Prophet, and dont you guys feel angry as are muslim??

MONTE CARLO 10 Ogos, Islamic Fashion Festival or known as IFF. The objectives of the fashion festival are:
to unite the country's culture and fashion by stimulating an understanding and respect between people of different religions and beliefs.
2) to promote Islamic dress and get feedback from all backgrounds and religions as well as enhancing the fashion industry to a higher level.
to promote Muslim clothing and alter the perception of the Islamic world, in addition to strengthening ties between the countries.

The question is,what is your contribution in saving ISLAM??
Are we satisfied seeing the enemies of Islam destroying the dignity of Islam and we do nothing?
This is a result of choosing those leaders who are illiterate in religion, Even minah-minah rempit knows the rules of the Islamic dress code..

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