Thursday, October 28, 2010

Life is to short..

Salam... 인사말.....
Life is to short to do everything we want to do.
ERm, I hope i can live longer so that i can complete my plans, i hope i can slow the time so that i can appreciate thing better, i hope i can restart time so that i can correct what i done wrong, I hope i am the superman. HUHU
Plans, I have already planned for my tomorrow, day after tomorrow and day after that. To make it simple, I am a man with plans. There was one time, i did tried to not to plan my day and I end up sleeping the whole day.. That day I slept 3 times just in the afternoon.
So i learned from my lessons. I plans everything in order to avoid boredom..
All of us want to be a successful person in their life and hereafter. But how to be one?
It needs knowledge, experience, and good networking. You cannot be a successful person without any of the criteria. It must be the combination of these 3 requirements. To make it more meaningful, do not forget Islamic reference if you are muslims..
Aim for here and hereafter. We all know it is not that simple to be somebody that everyone recognize and love, but just strive for the best. I hate to use this word, if you try your best, At least there is something than nothing!!
Not everyone can get what they want the most in their life. Only if they focus and be serious they will achieve it.
I got lots of thing to do in my life, i want to go visit Paris, open my own restaurant, open my own firm, i want to do this and that, so on so force!!! I am afraid of the time, it would not stop even for a second. I want a power to freeze the time!! KAMEHAMEHA...
So, what i need to do is, just focus on what can satisfied me the most.
please Allah let me live for a long time. And also please make my long life meaningful and worthwhile..AMIN

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