Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dont assume we are the same!!

Salam and Groet, both of the language deliver same meaning which is peace to you.. but in different pronouncement. No matter how same we are, there will always be some differences..
It can be different in term of culture, mentality and so on so force. It depends on your enviroment, how your parents thought you, how your friends influence you, your knowledge, your experience and etc etc..
We are now living in a modern world where everybody want everything in the easiest way. For example, if we are doing business of cause the customer want the services that make them feel pleased. Not burden. They want everything can be done in short time and they received a quality stuff without need to fill lots of form. This is the Principe to build goodwill the customers. The motif is to remain relationship.

Read carefully my dear reader, Language that is acceptable within one group maybe unacceptable if used by someone outside the group... If you want to make friends, just follow the flow, and give and take please... IT is you always want to win..NOt fair situation here..

Define "sedekah" for me, Sedekah is where you give help in term of money or clothes or food to poor people who are affordable.
Define "hadiah", Hadiah is a gift to everyone without looking at their status.

Nobody ever gave Sedekah to our beloved prophet because Allah promise to protect and take care the status of HIS prophet.
Have you guys ever heard normal citizen give Sedekah to Dato and Tan Sri?
This is because the tittle of Dato and Tan sri avoid them to do so. They have face to maintain.
What i dont understand there are some people thing they are the same.. He said Dato, pleasa come to my house tonight i cook tonight. I want to do some sedekah.
OWh heloooo, He is a Dato n you used the word Sedekah to him??? and you expect him to come to your house that night??? ohh please stop dreaming lah..
If you used belanja or ada hadiah sikit or stuff like that sure the Dato will give you a visit that night..
You treat the Dato as the same as you treat ordinary people?? owh my god!!!
Everybody treat Him in a special way but you did not care about the Dato's feeling.
His status and your status is not the same alrite, next time please treat them differently.

Why this thing happened? because you never had a rich friends people, their mentality is different from you. They deserve to get a better treat because of their status.. so please open your eyes and make lots of friends and also change your attitude!!! If your attitude are still the same i grantee people will not like you due to your egos that assume everybody just like you!!!

Beware of the power implication of the words you used!!
thank you for your cooperation is generous coming from a superior to a subordinate, it is not appropriate message to your superior....
do you get the connection with the Dato story above??

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