Friday, October 29, 2010

Im avoiding these women!!!

Assalamualaikum!! yo wassup babeh?
Im evil tonight..
Tonight topic is as above mention. All about The biatch..
Boys outside there, just want to do some sharing with all of you about women that you guys should avoid. These types of women so annoyed me. Hoping that these biatch will never find happiness in their life. Curse you all.

Bitchy, this type of women think they are DIVA!! They think they are so hot, so perfect and think they can demand for this and that. Look from her appearance, they look so perfect with no weaknesses. They only use men as a slave. Only call you guys when they are in trouble.

Desperate, You are categorized to be in this group if first time you met your boyfriend and you said to yourself you want to marry him. And also want your boyfriend to say "love U" all the time because you afraid to loose your boyfriend. Please understand the nature of a men, Commitment will come after long time relationship. The men want to know everything about the girl first then after a period of time, when they are ready, they will give the commitment.
Do not talk about marriage often, it scares men.
What for you want your man to say love u all the time??to feel secure?
omg lame excuses, you should trust your man. Do you women know that the men will feel appreciated if you trust them.
For what you need so much attention from your boyfriend? Please do not expect 120% commitment from your boyfriend ok. He have his own life, his own parents, brothers and sisters, works, friends and so on so force. Even after married also you cannot demand that much of commitment.

Teaser- This type of women i hate the most. This biatch loves to flirt around and go out with men. In my eyes they are so cheap. I already wrote about this women in my blog which the tittle of the story was Beware of snake women. Extremely dangerous and please do not come near them. They have the aura to make you fall in love to her by using her nice body and nice behavior. They really expert in this field.

Elusive- OWH because you have been hurt by a man before so now you are so defensive?
You are to beware of everything and always take thing so seriously. Im bored with this type of girl, because of her past experience she treat the innocent men the way how it is not suppose to be. Everything about past is done okay, so stop be so defensive. Please do not try to compare us with your previous boyfriends. We are so different in every way!!! If you do so, just wait to be dump.

Controlling- Queen control. Always want to know where are we, what are we doing, who is our friends, who we chat with, etc etc... Plan for us, cannot do this and that, no give and take concept, only you want to win... Babeh, sometime is okay to control us, but all the time make will make us sick!! believe me, 3 months doing this,the next month your boy will surely have his new girlfriend.

Materialistic, Only want to be your girlfriends if you are rich enough. Most women have this type of attitude. When your money i gone she also gone. In handling this type of women, always ask something in return because if she leave you, at least you will not hurt to much.

Guys outside there, we should teach some lesson to these biatch.. hahah. Im not happy when they use their assets to play with the men's heart.
If they bite you, bite them harder..leave scars.


  1. haha. you sure know lots of things bout girls :p

  2. UUuuu..whats up with ur pic teselit sana sini..hahaha..

  3. nadia J... hahah. of course i know so much bout girls... based on my experiences..hahaha

    nadia Z... haha, of course la nk promote2..hehe

    junita... awlys chill..haha.. bila pikir result jd cuak sikit..