Thursday, October 28, 2010

TIRED la little sister!! 28.10.10

Assalamualikum and good evening readers. How do you do guys? Hope everything fine yeah!!
I am so tired today, i went out with my sister and few of my friends today. I am so so exhausted prior to the activities that i did. It was fun actually

I woke up at and straight away go watched tv, what was the story again??
OOh yeah CSI.. Then I went to my brother bed, took a nap. At 10.30am I went showered.
The movie start at, I arrived at 12.oopm. I mean me and my little sister.
Owh yeah I forgot to tell you guys where have we been, We went to the nearest shopping mall at my house, Alamanda.
Our noon meal was at McD. My friends, Azie,Nani and Azie, came at 1.00pm. There were 2 azie. They are not the same person, only similar in name.haha...
I fallen asleep when we were watching The Rise Of The Mummies, please guys, dont watch that movie, the story is very slow. We went window shopping also. Nothing much to do because nothing interesting in Alamanda.
The interesting part is when it came to the evening. We went to taman botani putrajaya.
Long time i did not do anykind of sport, so today I cycled all around taman botani. It was a hot day and im wearing semi formal clothes. Not suitable to do sport but what to do, I want to entertain my little sister. hahah.... She is lucky having me as her brother ahh..
Thus, I hope my holiday is longer!!!!


  1. wahhhh... abg yg baik.... bagus2..... abg sedara ak ampeh.... x nk layan langsung.. nk ajak g tgk movie pon payah... haisshhh....

  2. owh..hahha.. padan muke kerana mempunyai abg sedara mcm tuh..hahah

  3. ceittt....
    xpe la....
    at last kitaaorg lepak kat umh....