Wednesday, October 27, 2010

My Last SEM in BJ... Not sure im gonna miss that place or not..haha

Salam and good evening reader. I love you guys..

Im now sitting alone in my brother room somewhere in Kajang, looking at my laptop and got nothing to do. so I have decided to post a new story.

Im actually confuse with my feeling, i dont know if im happy with the relocation of my faculty or not. Maybe Im happy and maybe Im not. Anyway guys, next sem we will be moving to Shah Alam Campus. Owh yeah, I have completed my Silat Cekak, and i feel very happy with that.
BECC- Business English Club Communication. Again i been appointed to be the program director. The tittle of the event was, English Make IT Right. 23sept2010, LT FITM
It was a program which gives the opportunity and exposures to the students of UNISEL in building up their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills with individuals and organizations in order to prepare the students for the working environment. The program will encourage the student to be more confident and teach them the art of English communication skills.
There were also surprised birthday party to my friends Azizul Hakimi and Sakinah. Happy Belated Birthday guys!!!

Faces of the year!!!


  1. Bb walaupon tempat jin bertendang, safari, no entertainment, padang jarak padang terkukur tp byk memori disana..... actually, BB x da la terok sangat..... i really2 miss BB...!!! damn.... (mcm x percaya je keluar ayat ni dr mulut) so.... nx sem mulakan hidup baru... new environment, new life, new house, new class, & new faculty... huhuhue....soo, c u when i c u.... daa...

  2. owhh alrite... neway farina??
    sape yer anda ni..
    sorry la luper sikit..huhu

  3. hahaha....
    nama saya nur azfarina....
    ingat x???

  4. owhh ye ker.. ko ker!!!!!!!!!!!hahahhahaha
    aku ingt sape tah farina tuh..hahhhahah