Thursday, June 23, 2011

Aling,your pictures made my day..hehe :P


Tq to u sweetie, your pictures are reallyx100 sweet.
Especially your sweet smile with the big teeth..haha you reminds me of rabbits la.. :)
Just now you played badminton without me ey? do you have the strength to hold the racket? you are so feminine and so soft .. can you smash the shuttle? haha :P
Next sem, me and you 1 vs 1 at shah alam. The winner will get one glass of teh ice that made from 40% love, 30% loyal, 20% sincere and 10% trust. and also additional ingredient
of 100% caring.. :) hehe

anyway, we are human beings, so our emotion are not stable. Sometime I can be very good, sometime I can be like a devil, but most of the time I am the angle.hehe :P
straight away jump to the conclusion, my point is.. every time i see your pictures, I will be happy.
Even how sad I am, even how exhausted I am and even how miserable I am, I will be happy.:)
thank you for your pictured aling. So every week it is a compulsary to mms me you pictures au aling..:P By