Friday, August 19, 2011

I lebiu :) love love :P

Salam :)

How are you guys? I am really tired babe! Just finished event Mari Berbuka 2011 but I still got 3 programs need to be monitor. Well what can I do, it is a job of Mr. President.:P haha
yes, currently I am the president of UNISEL Accounting Club (UAC).:haha
I was voted by the majority of bachelor of accountancy students..TQ so much for those smart people who did voted me that day! Also tq to my beloved sweetheart because having her as my lover bring me lots of fortune..:)

I will be celebrating Hari Raya at KL this year!! yeayy near to my aling:) Maybe the 3rd day of Hari Raya I will go back to Terengganu. I havent buy my Hari Raya baju melayu weh!
My plan is wait until the raya eve because can get cheaper price but same quality of baju melayu on that day..haha

I lebiu! who? you! you lol! Sometime I call you babeh, sometime aling, sometime princess, sometime sweetheart,sometime baby,sometime makcik,sometime nenek,sometime fei mao, sometime by but most of the time Sayang..haha
So you are my BySweetheartAlingSayang!! weqqs:P
She is very soft spoken and nice to me that is why she deserve a gentleman like me.haha :) She is really good in winning my heart, whatever she does will surely melt me. she is the only hot chick I have and she is my inspiration of success.
my miss asia pacific! my miss world!! my miss universe!
lebiu Berjilia Kim ;)