Sunday, June 19, 2011

Cause I'm home, I eat a lot..:)


I'm not fat and I am really proud of it. :P
It was really hard to get back the shaped i used to have. With all the exercises, dumbbell and so on..haha
Now I'm in one month holiday lol, so most of the time I do not know what to do. Really boring at home and KL, feel like I want to stay in the jungle for a few days...
huhu BUT
Lucky, I have her. She is the best, the sweetest, the kindness and all THE The the.. :P
Everyday I will text her, morning, afternoon, evening and night. I want to text her every moment but i can't. I would if I could.. I hope you like all my tricks ey girl.. I am not playing around, I am serious into you.. look how serious I am now :P

and my bro also in holiday, thanks to the govt lol..huhu
so eveyday we skip breakfast together, then go to our grandma's house at sri petaling.
This is our daily routine. :)



  1. haha.. hey putri..
    ku jumpa adek ko la.. sama tempat ngn ku.. amirul.hehe :)