Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Soft spoken, sweet talker but ain't a player


Good evening reader. It's been a long time i do not upload new post. I was busy with something and still busy actually. But today suddenly i feel i want to post something, so here it is.

Soft spoken, sweet talker but not a player. These are few elements inside me which i really proud off. These are my skills to win women heart. haha :) but there are also other factors that need to be considered which depends on their situation. Some women like bad boys, like guys with Korean faces, macho faces and so on. But I strongly believe women will fall in love with you if you treat her how she should be treated. In other words respect her.

For those who are still single and thinking to get a new soul partner, listen to me.. :D..haha
I am holding the key that can unlock every women heart and I am about to share it with all of you but not in this post and not today okay.. :D.hehe
It is basically a secret that guys still haven't notice yet and you guys will never get your dream girls if you do not improve this matter. What is the matter? figure it yourself lol.
Anyhow, your first lesson is try to change your style of talking. This can be learn by watching romance movies. Then try practise is by talking to your bestie. Your bestie surely will help you with this, if not what for he/she become your bestfriend. huh!!
This will take some times but imagine the results of your practise..haha..

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