Thursday, June 16, 2011

I'm alive again. tq to you princess :)


My dear sweetheart,
please surrender your ears, close your eyes and silence your mouth.
Listen to my words and observe my acts.
You are like the rainbow in the sky, you colours my life and thanks to you I have a wonderful life. :D
You are really good in entertaining me, making me laugh even though you are doing nothing..hehe
Every time I see rainbow, I see you. Even when I am eating char kuey teow or drink teh ais also I see you laa..hehe But i like you more than rainbow au :D
I cannot imagine my life without you, it is like a dark road waiting for me and I cannot see the ends..huhu :( I need you to light up my day, I need you to bright up my night. you la princess!!

Sometime things will never be as we expected and that is life. Life goes up and life goes down like roller coaster. I might be at the top now but in the future who knows? Some old people said that, if you cannot accept me when I am at my worse time, you don't deserve me when I am at my best time..I am agree with the statement..huhu
So babeh, learn to accept people just the way they are alrite.. huhu :)

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