Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I need a rest babey!!


HUhu.. It's still hunting me, it's still do not want to let me go.. I'm tired and bored with the things I am doing right now..huhu I want to be free, and feel free like a real freedom. :(
I need a long holiday to restore back my strength and intelligent. Even when I am sleeping my brain still functioning.

So, how can I cope with this stupidity? ermm let me think. I guess i should just try my best to love the things that I am doing right now even it will cost me. Or I should just quit. HMMMM
Maybe by doing things i love the most can make me happy for awhile?? hahah.. but what is the thing i love the most?? jeng jeng...:D
anyway reader, above statement is just a trick to make sure you guys focus reading on my post.haha.. my main objective is to show you my current hairstyle.. :)

I got a new nickname actually, Kim ai cab.. haha.. Girls nowadays, like boys with korean hairstyle..ishhh :(

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