Sunday, November 7, 2010


Hello and good evening.

My father told me, to be a leader you should know how to communicate with other people. If you cannot communicate well, do not be a leader. Im agreed with him in this matter.
A leader should have a good communication skills in order to monitor, manage, and etc etc.
Past 20 years, the world was totally different compared with nowadays workforce. Today person who talks loud will have higher percentage to be the number one in an organization.
Im still lack of communication skill, i cannot deliver message effectively to my group members. But I always do my best for my teammates.
People always put high expectation on me, I really appreciate because you guys really trust my abilities but please forgive me if I ever let you guys down.
Do you guys know how it feels like when everyone putting their hope on your shoulder??
The excitement will then turn into burden a.k.a stress..

Stress is individual. A situation that one person find it stressful might not bother someone else.
Slowly i develop myself and learn how to cope with stress. But it still not enough because my progression is still slow. I wish I can learn more new things.
I wish i have more friends.

I tend to pretend nothing happen in my environment just to observe their behavior and their next action. By doing this i believe i can improve my level of maturity.

It is not easy to be a leader especially a good one. Good luck guys.

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