Saturday, November 6, 2010

Me and my sports...


Badminton, Sri Petaling community center.Thanks to my beloved friends because of the invitation.

How are you guys babey?
I realized I never tell you guys about my hobbies which are my sports that i used to played before. I was a very active person during my school time but i never showed it to the teachers and friends. At school i only joined Scout, once a scout always a scout. The best part was, nobody know how active i was after school. I went there and here, i joined this and that, i tried everything and it was fun.
Owh exception, I never try hockey because for me it is a very dangerous sport.
Basketball, Court behind my ex-school, Still have the skills babeh!!!

Archery, Aiming for my beautiful princess' heart and I hope the love's arrow of mine will stabbed straight to her heart. And the arrow remain in her heart forever. I mean FOREVER.

Golfy, that night the ball that i hit only can flew to 200mtrs!!huhu...

Sports that i like the most is sport where we use hands to play. Because I believe my hands is stronger and skilfully compare to my legs..HUHU
It was a period of time i never do sports, This happen because i was very busy with my university's life..HHUHU.Anyhow, i fully utilized my holiday..:)

It was hard for me to play all these sports again because i had lost all my skills and my strength.
I easily get tired, but thank God there is still skills in me. I believe I can do better if I practise always..hehe

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