Thursday, January 6, 2011

Winning You by Heart

Salam Malaysia.

Actually I am very tired and got no ideas. But because I am a problem solver. I solve problems. That what I do best. So I decided to write something to avoid my boredom. The best topic which relates to my life currently is love. hehehe love. Smile is my strength and my assets. Smile make me look young..hehe

Everything is starting to turn upside down. My life is great and insyallah it will greater in the future. I love my friends. They really are fun and sincere. I am really enjoying my life now even though sometime they were some arguments with them. Friends, If problem occurs between you and your friends, take it nice and slow. Solve with gently and be professional. If you love your friends, treat them how they suppose to be treated. Enough about friends. ngeee

It is not the time, it is not now. Somewhere in the future SHE will appear. She does not exist in my life for this time being. Not yet. SHE is love.

Love is commitment, love is sincere and love is loyalty. These are how I define love. I am not easy to fall in love and it takes time lot and lot and lots of time to do so. I am very confused with myself in choosing love. I do not know what type of women I want. I really do not know. I think this happen because I am not ready to give commitment to anyone yet. So I have chosen to wait. Yeayhh!!!! For me waiting is a journey and I like journey because full of challenges. Challenges make me feel alive. Wahh!

You, yes u.. There is no harm in trying to win your heart; even I know I will be rejected... haha
Yeah I really do mean it. If I found you I will never stop. Reject me 100 times or 1000 times, I will never change my decision.  hehe..
owh yeah, I prefer to be friend for a period of time first. not just jump to a serious relationship.

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