Saturday, July 10, 2010

stop complaining....

salam cadburry. Please guys, stop complaining, stop giving excuses.AHHHHH you guys are so annoying. Just take the responsibility instead of giving up that responsibility to others. You guys said that your ambition is to be somebody in the future. For me, seriously all of you are talking nonsense. That is what we call dreaming. Dreams that cannot be achieve by you guys. Now is not the time for you guys to dream anymore. Wake up and face the reality.. That explain why you are nobody right now.haha
Stop taking ideas from others. Try to generate it with your own brain. It is alright if your ideas are nothing, I just want so see your commitment, your support and your energy. Then i will know that you are willing to change. At least you can learn something then nothing. Why cant you see, because of my ideas, my support things become better. Now is the time to change, take it as a challenge. Remove unwanted illusions because fears in only in your mind. When the opportunity come, just grab it. I always have fear in me and i know it is hard to throw it away just like that. Dont worry, slowly you guys can do it. How to do it? Hold some responsibilities. Responsibilities will change your perception and how you look on something. Believe in yourself is the key to become like me...haha..

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